How do I start subscribers on a specific Campaign based on a selection in my form?

AWeber's Campaigns platform is a great way to automate the kind of messages your subscribers receive based on their interests. One way to do this is by tagging subscribers based on their sign up form selections. You could, for example, give subscribers the option to receive messages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In this article, we'll walk through how to set up specific campaigns based on your subscriber's preferences.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Start by creating the campaigns you would like to send.

    Create your campaigns

  2. Then, set each campaign to be triggered on a tag by selecting "Tag Applied" from the campaign trigger options.

    Trigger on a tag

  3. Once you have created the campaigns, create a custom field that corresponds with these options. For this example, we created one called "Send Frequency."

    Create a custom field

  4. After creating this custom field, add it into the form you would like subscribers to use when they sign up. You can tag the custom field with each corresponding tag.

    Tag the fields

  5. Then, publish your form. Subscribers will be able to select their preference from your custom field options, and will receive the campaign messages based on their choice.

    Publish your sign up form

    Note: You'll be able to see what tags have been applied to a subscriber under the Manage Subscribers page.

    The tag will be applied

Congratulations! Your subscribers will now receive messages based on the choices they've made on your sign up form. You'll be able to send more contextual emails to them directly with this kind of automation.

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