How do I Tag a subscriber with AWtomator?

In this article, we explain how to tag a subscriber when using AWtomator.

AWtomator is a service that provides a variety of tools that can be beneficial to your campaigns and AWeber account. Tagging is built into AWtomator and gives you ability to have subscribers tagged after they click a link or visit a page. These "tags" can be used to create segments for targeted broadcast messages. This article provides the instructions on how to tag subscribers when using a "Link" event with AWtomator.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. To get started, first log into your AWtomator account, and click the blue "Connect to AWeber" button.

    Click the Connect to AWeber button
  2. Then, enter your AWeber login credentials and click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  3. Once you've connected your AWeber account, click "Add Event" from the left hand toolbar options.


  4. Next, you'll need to name your even. Enter that under the "Event Name" input box.

    Name your event
  5. And select "Link" from the "Event Type" drop down menu.

    Select Link from Event Type
  6. Then select the list you would like to work in for this event.

    Select the list you want to use
  7. Once you've selected this list, click "Next" to continue.

    Click Next
  8. Then, enter the "Link Destination URL". This is where subscribers will go when they click on your AWtomator link. This link is also what they will click on to receive the tag.

    Enter a Link Destination URL
  9. Once you've entered this URL, click "Next" near the bottom of the page.

    Click Next
  10. Then, enter the tags you would like to apply under "Apply Tags". You can also add multiple tags separated by commas.

    Enter tags and click Apply Tags

    Note: You can also remove tags when a subscriber clicks on your link.
  11. Once you've entered your tags, click "Finish"

    Click Finish
  12. On the final step you'll see the specific information for your AWtomator link. You would hyperlink this directly in your message to have subscribers tagged in your list.

    Copy your AWtomoator link
  13. To complete the integration, toggle the "Event Status" switch on.


Congratulations! You've successfully created a link with AWtomator that will tag subscribers when they click on it. Anyone who clicks this link in your message will automatically be tagged and start a campaign that is Active in your list.

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