How do I integrate WPForms with AWeber?

WPForms is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to easily create and add contact forms to your Wordpress page with their template builder. The AWeber integration with WPForms gives you the ability to add subscribers to your list directly through a WPForms form. In this article, we will walk through how to integrate their service with AWeber.

Note: This integration supports Tags in AWeber.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, you will want to follow WPForms instructions on installing the plugin on your WordPress site.

    Note: You will also need to download their AWeber Addon as well from their page. After you have installed the plugin, WPForms will appear on the left hand sidebar when you will click "Settings".

    Download the AWeber addon
  2. Click the "Integrations" tab at top of the page.

    Click on Integrations
  3. From the "Integrations" menu, click "Add New Account".

    Click Add New Account
  4. Select "Click here to authorize" to generate an AWeber Authorization Code.

    Click here to authorize option

  5. You will be taken to AWeber and prompted to enter your AWeber login name and password. Enter your login credentials, then click "Allow Access".

    Enter AWeber Login Credentials and click Allow Access

  6. Highlight and copy the authorization code that is generated.

    Copy the Authorization Code that is generated

  7. Back in Wordpress, paste the code into the box and click "Connect to AWeber".

    Click Connect to AWeber

  8. Then, click "Add New" from the left hand sidebar.

    Click Add New

  9. Next, click to select the base template you want to use next. For this example, I will be using the "Newsletter Signup Form"

    Select the form you want to use
  10. Click "Marketing".

    Click Marketing
  11. Select AWeber.

    Select AWeber
  12. Click "Add New Connection".

    Click Add New Connection
  13. Name the new connection, then click OK.

    Click OK
  14. From the drop down, select which list you want the form connected to.

    Select your AWeber list
  15. Then, match the fields you want to connect to through the "Available Form Fields".

    match the field in Available Form Fields
  16. Finally, click "Save" at the top of the page.

    Click Save

Congratulations! You have now successfully connected your AWeber account with WPForms! Subscribers will be added when coming through your WPForms connected to your AWeber list.

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