How do I use AWeber's sticker pack extension with iOS?

With the new update to Curate, our developers have included some holiday themed stickers for your iOS iMessage app. In this article we'll walk through how to use the Curate sticker pack in your iMessage conversations.

Note: Curate 1.2.5 requires iOS 10.1 or higher to enable stickers.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After you've downloaded Curate 1.2.3, open iMessage and choose one of your current conversations. Then tap the arrow icon to the left of the message input field.


  2. Tap the iMessage App menu icon.


  3. After you've opened the iMessage App menu, tap in the bottom left to open the app drawer.

  4. Next, tap the "Store" option.


  5. Then select "Manage" in the top right.

  6. Using the toggle options under "All", make sure that Curate is turned on.

  7. Then, tap "Done" in the top right.

  8. Tap Curate to select it in the iMessage App menu.


  9. You'll have the option to select from 7 different holiday themed stickers.


  10. To add a sticker to your message, just tap and drag it over the iMessage you just sent.


Congratulations. You've successfully installed the Curate holiday sticker pack to iMessage. You'll be able to send your friends and family more festive messages for the holiday season.

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