How do I integrate List Goal with AWeber?

List Goal is an extension for Chrome and add-on for Firefox that allows you to track, through your browser, the new subscribers added to a particular lists or all lists within your account. You can also manage and keep up with growth goals. This article explains how you can integrate List Goal with AWeber.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After installing List Goal in your browser, create a List Goal account and continue through the getting started steps.

    Go through Getting Started Steps of creating a List Goal account

  2. After creating your account, select AWeber for your email service.

    Select AWeber for your email service

  3. Now, enter your AWeber login credentials and click "Allow Access".

    Enter AWeber Login Credentials and Click Allow Access

    Copy the Authorization Code that appears on the next page. 

    Copy the Authorization Code

  4. Navigate back to List Goal and paste your Authorization Code, then click "Connect your email service".

    Paste Authorization Code and Click Connect to your Email Service

  5. Name your List Goal and click "Next". 

    Name your List Goal and Click Next

  6. Select the AWeber list you would like to connect to, then click "Next". 

    Select AWeber List and Click Next

  7. Last, set your goal and click "Finish".

    Set Goal and Click Finish

Congratulations! You've successfully connected AWeber to List Goal. You will be able to track subscribers added to your AWeber list through this browser extension at any time.

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