Why should I use the Drag and Drop Editor for my Messages?

AWeber offers a number of message building tools to best design your email content. The Drag and Drop Editor is a robust and versatile tool that allows you to create beautiful email messages and templates for future use. For both new and experienced users, we recommend using the Drag and Drop Editor to create your emails, as this editor has advantages over both HTML and Plain Text emails.

For HTML Messages

Messages created in the Drag and Drop Editor are HTML enabled. This means you can include images, GIFs, hyperlinks and other HTML content that you're familiar with. For users familiar with our HTML Message Editor, the Drag and Drop Editor can have images and GIFs added directly into your message content straight from your files. Images can be added through the Image Element, or directly through the text tool bar in the editor. You can freely adjust the image's size and alignment right in the settings in your message. In addition, adding images this way saves them in your Image Gallery here in AWeber. You'll be able to pull them back up for future use at any time!

There are many benefits to using the Drag and Drop Editor when creating your messages. This includes:

  • Access to a suite of templates that can be used when creating emails. This includes the ability to save your own template and apply it to future messages.
  • The Tool Bar in the Drag and Drop Editor has all the settings needed to customize your text content. Font types and sizes, text colors, formats and alignments, that you would expect would be at your fingertips.
  • Theme settings allow you to update your font settings and colors across your entire message in bulk!
  • Messages created in the message editor are automatically formatted to look great in as many inboxes as possible, without needing to add custom coding to accomplish this. This includes inboxes on mobile devices.
  • Messages automatically include margins, which will allow your emails to look nicer and be easier to read across many different devices that your subscribers may be using.
  • The ability to copy and paste formatted text directly into the Drag and Drop Editor and have it automatically match your message's formatting. Once you’ve made the switch, you can still save time by copying a sent message to drafts, or even to another list in your account.

For Plain Text Messages

Quick, direct emails containing just text can easily be created using the Drag and Drop Editor. Emails created in the Drag and Drop Editor contain a plain text copy as well, so inboxes that can only view plain text can still be used easily read your emails. Here are some of the primary benefits of using the Drag and Drop Editor to create your messages:

  • Emails created using the Drag and Drop Editor are HTML emails, which allow for much more flexibility with your email designs. This provides access to many features that are not available in plain text emails. This includes: colors, hyperlinks, images, font styling, buttons, and much more! The editor itself does not require any HTML coding, and all message content can easily be created directly within the editor!
  • The Drag and Drop Editor provides tools that allow for better email engagement and deliverability:
    • Senders receive much better email engagement from emails containing images, branding, and color. This helps to maintain consistent branding across your emails, and will make your emails much more exciting to read, which will lead to many more subscribers opening your emails than if you send only plain text.
    • Unlike plain text emails, HTML emails created with the Drag and Drop Editor all contain a tracking pixel that allows you to accurately track open statistics. As a sender, this allows you to easily target subscribers and clean your list. Targeting your most active subscribers with content they're interested in will allow you to be much more successful with your marketing and help keep your messages out of spam.
    • The button element can be used as an enticing call to action to increase your click through rates.


What if I have issues designing my messages?

Custom Template Design information

AWeber offers hundreds of templates you’re welcome to use! If you would ever find yourself wanting to modify an existing template or would like a custom template built for you to reflect your branding, our Template Team would be happy to modify existing templates or design a custom template for you!

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