How do I see what automations are in my broadcast?

In this article, we explain how to see the automations you have set for a specific Broadcast in your list, both before and after you send the broadcast.

Broadcasts are a great way to provide subscribers with time-sensitive updates. Using Automations you can trigger a message, or series of messages, to be sent when someone clicks a link in your broadcast or opens it. It is important to remember what tags are connected to an automation to make sure the right messages are being sent.

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Before sending the Broadcast

  1. First, click the "Schedule" button and to pull up the broadcast schedule page.

    Schedule button
  2. Then, scroll to the "Do you want tag automations?" section. If there are automations attached to this broadcast, you will see that number under automations.

    2 automations applied

    If there are no automations, the broadcast will show "0 Applied."

    0 automations applied

     To see what specific links trigger an automation in this message, click "Edit".

    Edit button

    Here you can see the automations for when subscribers open the message or click a corresponding link.  The tags applied or removed for each will be shown here.

    Tag Automations displayed

    Note: There will be a badge on any scheduled Broadcast that includes an automation.

    Automation applied badge

After sending the Broadcast

  1. While under the list you sent the broadcast from, go to Messages and click Broadcasts. Find the Broadcast and click the subject line to bring up the QuickStats page.

    Click on the subject line
  2. Scroll down to the Automations section where any automations you have set up and their corresponding tags will be listed.

    scroll down to the automations section to view your automations
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