How do I edit an automation in a scheduled broadcast?

Broadcasts are a great way to provide subscribers with time-sensitive updates. Using Automations you can apply a tag to your subscribers when they click a link. That will trigger a message, or series of messages, to be sent when someone clicks a link in your broadcast. This is also a great way to provide your subscribers with specific information through segmentation.

In this article we will go over how to edit an Automation in your scheduled broadcast that applies a tag whenever someone clicks a link in the message. That tag can be used to trigger a campaign, or for future segmentation of your list.

Step by step instructions

  1. First, hover over the Messages tab and select Broadcasts.

    hover over Messages and click on Broadcasts

  2. From the Scheduled Broadcasts section, find the message you would like to edit.

    Scheduled Broadcasts section

    Note: A scheduled broadcast that includes an automations will have a green badge.

    green badge icon highlighted

  3. Once you have located your scheduled broadcast, click Settings below the subject line.

    Settings tab

  4. Then, scroll to the Do you want click automations? section.

    Do you want click automations? section

    And, click "Edit" to the right.

    blue Edit button

  5. Here you can update any of the links you would like, and manage the tags applied via your automation.

    Do you want click automations? section with tags applied to links

    To remove a tag, hover over it and click the X on the right.

    remove a tag X to the right of a tag

    A tag that has been removed will no longer be displayed in the Add Tags input box.

    tag removed from link

  6. Once you've removed any tags you would no longer like to use, click "Apply" to save your changes.

    blue Apply button

Congratulations! You've successfully made an automation edit to your scheduled broadcast message. You can move forward with sending or scheduling the message as you wish!

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