How do I apply a tag when someone opens my broadcast?

With Automations, you have the option to trigger certain actions based on how a subscriber interacts with your message. One such automation is having a tag applied when a subscriber opens one of your broadcasts. Using tags with the open broadcast automation, you can separate those subscribers opening your content and even have a campaign triggered off of that tag.

In this article, we will cover how to have a tag applied when someone Opens one of your broadcast messages. Plain text emails would not be able to track opens so an HTML email would be required for this feature.

Note: This feature is not accessible on the AWeber Free plan. Upgrade your account to unlock this feature and many more by clicking Upgrade within your AWeber account, or by contacting our Customer Solutions team

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to your Drafts page under Messages in your account. For the message you wanted to tag, click the "Schedule" button.

    Click Schedule
  2. Under the Broadcast Settings, find the 'Do you want tag automations?' and click "Edit."

    Click edit
  3. Under the Open Automations section, add any tags you want applied when this subscriber opens the message.

    Add tags to the open automations section
  4. Be sure to click "Apply" once added any tags you want.

    click on apply

Congratulations! When someone opens your broadcast they will be tagged automatically.

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