How do I integrate 3dcart by Shift4shop with AWeber?

3dcart by Shift4shop is an ecommerce service that allows you to run your store with features and tools to help make sales and process orders. With the AWeber integration, you will equipped to keep in contact and engage with customers by automatically adding people who buy to your AWeber lists. You will then be able to take advantage of AWeber's powerful email capabilities to better engage with your customer list. 

In this article, we will walk through how to connect 3dcart to your AWeber account step by step.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. From your Shift4shop Dashboard, select "Modules" from the left menu.

  2. Select "AWeber Integration" from the available options and click the "Settings" option that appears.

  3. Next, click on "Initiate Onboard Process".


  4. You'll be prompted to enter your AWeber login details. Once you've entered that information, click "Allow Access."

    Login Name and Password

  5. After connecting, you will be directed to the Aweber integration settings page. Enter a tag you would like to associate with customers from 3dcart in the field "Subscriber Tag". This tag will be assigned to customers that are sent from the 3dcart store to your Aweber list. You can then use that tag to easily identify customers who made purchases on your AWeber list. There are many great ways to use tags in AWeber!


  6. Next, use the drop down menu to select which AWeber list the integration adds your  subscribers to.


  7. You can sync subscribers already collected in 3dcart to your selected list as well. Just mark the checkbox next to "Synch Subscribers".


  8. When you're finished, click "Save".


Congratulations! You've successfully connected 3dcart with your AWeber account. Now when purchases are made using 3dcart, subscribers will be automatically added to your AWeber list.

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