How can I add a preheader to my message?

Getting your message opened is the first step to great engagement. One way to make sure subscribers are seeing and engaging with your emails is to use a customized preheader, especially for mobile devices where this text will essentially serve as a preview of the message itself.

A preheader is a short line of summary text that accompanies the subject line when viewing a message in your inbox. An example of this from Gmail:

example of preheader in Gmail

Normally, this will pull from the first line of text in your email but you can also use custom text just for that preheader section. In this article, we'll cover how to add that.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Begin by creating a message and selecting the "Drag & Drop Email Builder."

    Drag and drop editor

  2. Under "Message Properties" on the right, find the "Message Preheader" section where you can insert that desired text.

    Preheader section
  3. Once you've made the changes you need, be sure to click "Save & Exit" to keep those changes.

    Click save and exit

Congratulations! Now when the message is sent out, that preheader area will fill with the text that wrote in. For how the above example looks in Gmail:

example text within Gmail preheader

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