Where do I find my broadcast archive link?

When sending a broadcast message, you have the option to create an archive page for that email as well. This link is what is used when sharing to Facebook or Twitter or when giving the option to view your email as a website. These archives are stored on a list by list basis and allow you to share either the link for the entire list or the specific sent message.

In this article, we'll quickly cover where to find these links both before and after sending.

Note: Only broadcast messages will generate an archive link. This would not be an option for Follow Up or Campaign messages.

Before Sending

  1. When you are scheduling your message to send, under the "Do you want to share this message?", click "Edit".

    schedule a broadcast then select edit near the share message section

  2. Next, make sure the the Broadcast Archive is Enabled. Once you do, the "Homepage" link will be the overall archive URL for that list.

    make sure archive enabled and retrieve the Homepage link if needed

After Sending

  1. Once a message sends, you'll have not only the archive link for the list but for that particular message. To locate either, go to your "Messages" tab and select "Broadcasts".

    Broadcasts tab

  2. Find the broadcast message you want to link and click on the subject line.

    find the message to look at and click on the subject line

  3. Under the Broadcast Archive Links section, you will find the Homepage link as well as the Direct Link. This link will take them directly to that post within the archive.

    under broadcast arhive section, you can find the homepage and direct link
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