How do I integrate Deadline Funnel with AWeber?

Deadline Funnel gives you the ability to create custom product launch and evergreen timers tied to your campaign. With the AWeber integration, you'll be be able to add that timer right inside of your HTML emails. 

In this article, we'll cover how to add your Deadline Funnel countdown timer to your AWeber message.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. From inside Deadline Funnel, use the Edit option to bring up your campaign.


  2. Select "Email Setup".


  3. Find your Email Timer Code and click on code to copy it automatically.


  4. Back inside of AWeber and our Drag & Drop Email Builder, place your cursor in the section you want to add that countdown to and then click the "Source" button.


  5. Place the code where you would like it to appear inside of the message.


  6. Once done, click "OK" at the bottom of window.


  7. That timer will now display inside of your message.


And that's it! The Deadline Funnel timer will now be included when you send your message.

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