How do I integrate SAMCart with AWeber?

SAMcart is a checkout platform built around converting sales from digital products. They offer a full suite of features and tools to help increase sales. With the AWeber integration, buyers can be added or removed from the lists you choose.

In this article, we'll be covering how to integrate SAMcart with AWeber.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. From inside of your SAMcart account, use the drop-down menu under your login name and click "Settings".

    settings from account options
  2. Select "Integrations" from the left menu.

    choose integrations from left side bar
  3. Under the Email section, click on "+ Add New".

    click add new under email section
  4. In the dialogue box that appears, use the drop-down menu to select "AWeber".

    select aweber from drop down
  5. Click the link that appears.

    click link that appears under list name
  6. You'll be prompted to enter your AWeber login details. Once you've entered that information, click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  7. Back in SAMcart, click the "Activate" checkbox.

    click activate checkbox
  8. Click "Yes" to activate the integration.

    click yes to activate

    The AWeber integration should now show as "Active".

    will now show as active
  9. With AWeber now integrated, you can connect your products to the AWeber list of your choice. For where to do this, first select the Product you want to use, and then select "Integrations" from the top menu.

    select your product and choose integrations from the top menu
  10. You can choose the list(s) subscribers are added to or removed from based on a purchase or refund.

    select the lists
  11. Click "Save Changes" to keep those updates.

    save changes

Congratulations! Now subscribers can be added or removed from your AWeber account based on based on your SAMcart products.

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