How do I integrate Demio with AWeber?

In this article, we'll cover how to integrate Demio with AWeber.

Demio makes it easy for marketing teams to run effective webinars by providing a smooth experience, reducing setup time, and fueling results through marketing-focused features. With the AWeber integration, those webinar registrants can be added directly to the AWeber list of your choosing.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click your username in the top-left of the Demio dashboard and click "Settings."

    Click Settings

  2. Click on the "Integrations" tab.

    Click the Integrations tab

  3. Next, click on the AWeber logo.

    Select AWeber

  4. You'll be prompted to enter your AWeber login details. Once you've entered that information, click "Allow Access."

    Authorize the integration

  5. Back in Demio, you can either select an existing event or click "Add New Event."

    Add New Event
  6. Start creating your event. You'll first select the type and then name the event. On the "Event Overview" page, click the "Customize" tab.

    Click Customize

  7. Scroll to the "Integrations" section and click the toggle to the right of AWeber.

    Click the AWeber toggle

  8. In the pop-over that appears, select the list you want registrants added to.

    Select a registrants list

    Then, you can select if you want to add or remove subscribers from a specific list if they actually attend the webinar or if they're a no show.

    Select attended and no show lists

  9. Finally, click the "Form" tab and map out any custom fields that you want passed over to AWeber. Once complete, save your changes.

    Map out custom fields

And that's it! Now when someone registers for your webinar, they will be added to your AWeber account.

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