How do I integrate Apiant with AWeber?

Apiant is an integration platform that allows you to connect a multitude of specialized apps and automate actions between them. With pre-built connections, dedicated hosting, and numerous action triggers possible, Apiant is designed to be the one place for all your integrations. With the connection to AWeber, you can have data passed through Apiant right to the AWeber list of your choosing.

In this article, we'll cover how to integrate AWeber through Apiant.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Inside of Apiant, select "Connections" from the top menu.

    click on connections
  2. Click "Connect an app".

    click connect an app
  3. Choose AWeber.

    select AWeber
  4. You will be taken to a page to authorize the connection between AWeber and Apiant. Enter your login credentials and click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  5. AWeber should now show as an available app.

    aweber will now show as connected
  6. To set up a connection from one app to AWeber in Apiant, start by selecting "Create an Automation" from the top menu.

    create an integration
  7. Under the "When" section will be the application you'll use to pass subscribers to AWeber. For this example we'll be using Google Sheets. Once the When is set up, click the plus sign under "Then".

    click plus sign under then
  8. In the dialogue box that appears, select "Add an app".

    click to add an app
  9. Choose AWeber.

    select an app
  10. You will then have several actions to choose from. For this example we'll be using "Add subscriber to list".

    add subscriber
  11. Now use the drop-down box to select the list subscribers will be added to.

    select the list to be used
  12. Next, you'll have to map subscribers from the application you're using to AWeber. At minimum, an email address has to be passed. You can add these by clicking the plus icon to the right of the field.

    map fields
  13. Finally, make sure to save this automation.

    click save

And that's it! With Apian integrated, you can now have subscribers added right to the list of your choosing from any number of connected apps.

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