How do I integrate GrowSumo with AWeber?

GrowSumo allows you to expand indirect distribution channels, make partners successful, and build partnerships that drive revenue. With deep analytics, centralized program management, and marketing automation tools.

You'll be able to connect GrowSumo to AWeber using your Zapier account. The steps below will cover how to create a Zap to accomplish actions like immediately adding a subscriber in GrowSumo to the AWeber list of your choosing.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First use this link in order to bring up Zapier's GrowSumo page.
  2. On the next page, click "Create this Zap".

  3. Select the trigger action from GrowSumo. For this example, we're using "Customer Created". Once you make your selection, click "Save + Continue".

  4. Click "Connect" on the next page.

  5. Next you will need to enter your GrowSumo Public and Private keys. These can be found under the integrations section of your GrowSumo account. Once you paste both codes in, click "Yes, Continue".

  6. You now test that connection if you want or if you're set, click "Save + Continue".

  7. Next, click "Add a Step" from the left menu.

  8. Select AWeber.

  9. Set the action you want taken by AWeber from GrowSumo's trigger. We're going to use "Create Subscriber" then click "Save + Continue".

  10. If you haven't yet connected your AWeber account to Zapier, click "Connect An Account".

  11. You will be taken to a page to authorize the connection between AWeber and Zapier. Enter your login credentials and click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  12. You can now select that account from that page, which should already show if you previously connected AWeber to Zapier. Once chosen, click "Save + Continue".

  13. On the next page, start by selecting your AWeber account.

    Then choose the list you want them added to.

    Match any fields you have being passed from GrowSumo.

    Lastly, if you want to have any tags passed, add them here.

  14. Once everything is set, click "Continue".

  15. Now you'll have the option to test your funnel or add additional steps. If complete, just click "Finish".


And that's it! New customers can now be passed to Zapier and over to AWeber to the list you want automatically.


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