How do I add AWeber's Sales Tracking to my Shopify order page?

Shopify is a service where you are able to sell your products online, and have those customers added to your AWeber mailing lists. Tracking the amount of sales that you collect from your customers is not only available within Shopify, but also possible within AWeber through AWeber's Sales Tracking.

This article explains how you are able to update your Shopify order status page of your checkout process with AWeber's Sales Tracking JavaScript.

Note: To be able to properly track page visits a cookie is required. To receive this cookie, a subscriber will need to first visit the page through a link in the email. Once a subscriber has received this cookie, we can track a page visit regardless of where a subscriber came from. If a subscriber does not have this cookie, we won't be able to track their page visit.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you have not done so already, setup your AWeber's Sales Tracking for your domain. This can be accomplished in AWeber by hovering over the "Reports" tab and clicking "Tracking".

    Note: If needed, the following Knowledge Base article provides a full walk through of setting up AWeber's Sales Tracking.

  2. Once your AWeber Sales Tracking settings are complete, copy your AWeber JavaScript provided.

    Copy AWeber JavaScript

  3. Within your Shopify store dashboard, click your "Settings" section. This section is located in the bottom left hand corner of Shopify.

    Settings Icon

  4. In your Settings, click the tab for "Checkout".

    Checkout tab

  5. Scroll down and locate the "Order status page" and "Additional scripts" section. Replace Shopify's default script example with your AWeber javascript you've previously copied.

    Order status page Section

    Note: Be sure to wrap your AWeber javascript between Shopify's snippets, otherwise the tracking will not work as intended. An example would like as followed:
    {% if first_time_accessed %}
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
    {% endif %}
  6. Once complete, save your settings by clicking the "Save" button.

    Save Button

That's it! Now, when your customers purchase from you via Shopify and reach your Shopify order page, they will be tracked both in Shopify and in AWeber via AWeber's Sales Tracking.

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