How do I integrate Udimi with AWeber?

Udimi is a service that allows you to create solo ads and also clean your lists to verify email addresses for better deliverability. With the AWeber integration, you can upload your active lists to validate those email addresses.

In this article, we will cover how to integrate Udimi with AWeber.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, login to Udimi and click "List Checker" from the menu options on the left-hand side of your homepage.

    List Checker link

  2. There will be three buttons towards the bottom of the "List Validator" page: "Enter Emails Manually," "Upload a List," and "Connect Autoresponder". Click "Connect Autoresponder".

    Connect Autoresponder button

  3. After clicking "Connect Autoresponder," you will be brought to another page with some additional instructions. Click the "Connect" link next to AWeber.

    Connect link

  4. Next, you will have to allow Udimi to access your AWeber account information, including your lists, messages, and subscribers. Enter your login credentials and click "Allow Access".

    Enter your AWeber login credentials and click Allow Access

  5. After you successfully connect your AWeber account, a confirmation message will pop-over the screen. Click "Yes" to proceed.

    Confirmation of connection

  6. Then, select AWeber from the list of autoresponders and click "Select lists".

    Select lists link

  7. After you click "Select lists," a box will pop-over the page with all of the lists in your AWeber account. You can click the checkbox next to any individual list or click "All" to select all of your lists. Click the checkbox next to the list of your choosing and then click "Done".

    AWeber lists

  8. Click "Next" to import your list data into Udimi. Once the list has been imported, a message will appear on the bottom right corner of the page saying "List successfully uploaded".

    Click next to proceed

And that's it! Congratulations, you have successfully integrated with Udimi and you can start the validation process for your list!

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