My message says it may be spoofed. Is my message safe?

In an effort to protect their users from phishing attempts or other kinds of malicious email messages, email providers have their own security notifications that are triggered under certain circumstances.

In this article, we will cover a common notification that you may encounter when sending messages from your AWeber account. 

Why is my mail provider saying my message may be spoofed?

A common phishing tactic used by spammers involves sending an email that looks like it was sent from the address you received that message with. Let's use Gmail as an example. If you were to receive an email that was seemingly sent from the same email address used to receive that message, Gmail may generate the warning pictured below.


When could I encounter this using my AWeber account?

Every message that is sent from your AWeber account is sent using the "From" address. You may encounter the above warning, or a similar warning depending on the mail provider you are using, when the "From" address is the same email address as the recipient email address.

Sending yourself a test message or receiving a Broadcast or Campaign message with an address that matches the "From" address in your list may trigger this warning. If you are not sure which email address you have set as the "From Address" for your list, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

Will my subscribers see this warning?

Your subscribers will not see this warning as they will receive your messages using their own email addresses. Keep in mind, this spoofing alert may only be generated when the "From" address used to send the message matches the email address used to receive the message.  

After you have made sure the email you received is not malicious, you can clear the warning and continue sending incredible emails!

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