CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate™, formerly known as Commission Junction, is a third-party referral marketing program with over 600,000 members. These members are able to promote thousands of different marketing programs, including AWeber!

Using CJ Affiliate™ gives you the ability to promote multiple marketing programs in a centralized platform, keeping your referrals and referral payment payouts organized. To sign up for an account, visit their website, here.

What are the differences between CJ Affiliate™ and AWeber's Customer Referral Program?

While both programs allow you to refer new customers to sign up for an AWeber account via a custom tracking link, there are some key differences.

Referral Payment Structure:

Our existing Customer Referral Program pays a recurring 40% commission if you've referred 10 paid accounts in last 12 months, and 50% commission if you referred 50 paid accounts in last 12 months.

On CJ Affiliate™, you can earn up to $300.00 for each account that pays their 2nd invoice, with no further referral payments after that. 

Referral Payment Options:

Our existing Customer Referral Program offers referral payments through PayPal.  CJ Affiliate™ offers many more options, including direct deposit. 

Why is the CJ Affiliate™ referral payment paid on the 2nd invoice, and not the 1st?

Since the referral payments on CJ Affiliate™ are based on the size of the list that each customer brings to AWeber, we wanted to allow for sufficient time for that customer to get fully up and running and pay our advocates appropriately for their efforts, as some customers take more than one billing period to import all of their subscribers. We do, however, offer a flat rate referral payment on the 1st invoice to help bridge the timing gap. We feel that this 'two step' method is the best of both worlds. 

Does this mean I have to join CJ Affiliate™ if I already have an AWeber advocate account? 

Not at all! If you are a part of AWeber's Customer Referral Program and wish to continue using our program, you are welcome to do so. No action is required. That said, you are free to sign up for a CJ Affiliate™ account in addition to being an AWeber advocate. You can use both programs at the same time. 

Can I receive credit for the same customer in both programs, thus earning the upfront referral payment and the monthly referral payments?

No. Our system will only allow a new customer account to be referred through one program. Once a customer is attributed to a particular program, it cannot be moved to the other one. Meaning if you refer a customer to create an AWeber account via CJ Affiliate™, we cannot reattribute that customer to our in-house Customer Referral Program.

If I have already created an AWeber advocate account and a CJ Affiliate™ account, can I consolidate all of my referral payments into one referral payment?

Unfortunately not. We cannot combine any referral payments that may have been earned between these two programs. If you are active in both programs, you will receive two separate referral payments from each program directly.

I prefer to be paid by CJ Affiliate™, but I really like the lifetime 40-50% referral payments. Can I be paid that way instead?

At this time, we intend to keep the two options unique to the two programs. If the lifetime 40-50% referral payment model is your preference, please sign up for our in-house Customer Referral Program if you have not already done so. 

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