How do I copy or share my Campaign?

AWeber's Campaign feature gives you the ability to create multiple series of messages unique to your mailing list. After creating a new Campaign, you can duplicate it within your list, copy it to another list in your account, and even generate a code that you can use to share your Campaign across accounts.

In this article, we will detail how to create a copy of an existing Campaign, how to copy a Campaign across lists, and how to copy a Campaign across accounts.

Copying Your Campaign

First, go to your Campaigns page on the list that contains the Campaign you'd like to copy.

Campaigns tab

Then, select the Copy button associated with the Campaign you'd like to copy.

Click copy

In the menu that appears, select the "Copy" button. If you do not want to create a copy of the selected Campaign, click "Cancel."


After copying your Campaign, you'll see a new Campaign created which will be titled, "Copy of (Campaign Name Here)". For example, the Campaign we copied earlier was titled "Campaign 1", so the copy will be titled, "Copy of Campaign 1". This Campaign will be an exact copy of your selected Campaign, aside from the name. For instructions on how to change the name of your copied Campaign, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

After editing the name of your copied Campaign, you'll need to activate it before it can be sent to your subscribers. To do so, select the "Draft" button and choose "Activate Campaign" in the dropdown menu that appears.

Activate Campaign

Note: You have the ability to delete a copied Campaign before it is activated. Once the Campaign is activated, you are no longer able to delete it. To delete your copied Campaign, click the "Delete" button, found under the name of your Campaign.

Delete Draft Campaign

Congratulations! You just copied your Campaign! Changes to the copied Campaign will not be applied to any other Campaigns.

Copying Your Campaign to Another List

On the Campaigns page, click the "Copy to List" button for the Campaign you wish to copy.

Copy to List

In the drop-down menu that appears, select the list where you would like to place your copied Campaign.

Select List

Once you select a list, your Campaign will be copied and placed in the selected list. You'll need to activate your copied Campaign.

Sharing and Importing an Existing Campaign Across Accounts

Whether you're looking to share your Campaign with another AWeber user, or import an existing Campaign into your own account, you'll first need the Campaign sharing code. To generate a Campaign sharing code for your own Campaign, select the "Sharing Options" button under the appropriate series.

Click Sharing Options

In the window that appears, click the toggle labeled, "Make this campaign sharable", in order to make the campaign sharable. Then, copy the code displayed in the text box by using the "Copy" button.

Copy the campaign code

Once you have your Campaign sharing code copied, click the "Create a Campaign" button on the Campaigns page in the list you'd like to add that Campaign to.

Create a Campaign button

In the pop-up menu that appears, select "Import a Campaign."

Import a Campaign

In the window that appears, paste your copied Campaign sharing code and select "Import."

Paste in the campaign code

Your series will load after a brief delay. Finally, once the Campaign is populated in your list, you'll need to activate it.

Does copying a Campaign also copy the open and click stats for the messages it contains?

No. The messages in a copied Campaign are new messages, so there will not be any stats associated with those messages.

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