What OAuth 2 scopes are available for AWeber's API?

When you authorize an OAuth2 integration you are required to tell AWeber what sorts of things your integration will need access to. These are called scopes. They are essentially a permission system for integrations, limiting the integration’s access to only the things the customer approved during the authorization process.

When setting up your integration you should request only the permissions your integration requires to run. This gives the AWeber customers using your integration confidence knowing exactly what parts of their data your integration can view and/or alter.

A list of scopes and the operations available is provided below as a general overview, broken down by resource. The additional scopes are noted in the list below.

Please note the scope “subscriber.read-extended” provides access to a subscriber’s sensitive information such as email, ip_address, miscellaneous notes, and name.










Still not sure?

If you’re having trouble determining which scopes your integration requires or you have questions about the data available to you with the API, you can reach out to us at api@aweber.com for more information and assistance.

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