How do I share a podcast episode to my Curate newsletter?

In this article, we will walk through the steps to share a podcast episode from the Apple Podcasts app into your Curate Newsletter. This functionality is currently only supported on iOS devices.

With Curate, you can easily create newsletters to send to your subscribers from your mobile device. You can add your own text and images, or content from a website. You can also share podcast episodes in your newsletter. When you share a podcast, the audio will be embedded in your newsletter and will be playable from different email clients.

Note: you can also accomplish this in the regular Drag & Drop Email Builder through the "Feed" element, which allows you to include a podcast player in your broadcasts and campaigns.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, launch the Apple Podcasts app and select the podcast episode that you would like to share.

    Open Apple Podcasts and select the podcast episode

  2. On the episode overview page, tap the "More Options" icon.

    Tap the more options icon

  3. Then tap "Share Episodes" from the options available.

    Tap Share Episodes

  4. Select Curate from the "Sharing" options. The podcast episode will then be added to your newsletter.

    Select Curate from the sharing options

  5. Next, launch the Curate app. You will see the podcast episode that you just shared in your "Current Newsletter". The curated block may include the title of the episode, an image, the source (in this case, Apple Podcasts), and a description of the episode. You can edit the curated block by tapping the pencil icon.

    Launch Curate to view and edit the curated podcast block

  6. Once you're satisfied with the look of your curated block, you can preview the message to view and test the audio player. To do so, tap the send icon.

    Tap the send icon to preview the message

  7. Then, tap "Preview".

    Tap preview

  8. On the "Preview" page, you will see the curated block that you created. You will now also be able to view the audio player. The audio player will be above the title of the curated block. You can tap the play button to list to the podcast episode.

    The audio player will display on the Preview page

And that's it! Congratulations, you have successfully shared a podcast from Apple Podcasts to your curated newsletter!

Will the audio player display in all email programs?

Not all devices and email apps support HTML5 content like audio players. Although most popular email clients, like Apple Mail, will display the audio player, some other platforms, like the iOS Gmail app, will not. Email clients that do not support HTML5 content will display a fallback image where a reader can click to listen on the website. The email clients that support HTML5 content that will display the audio player are listed here:

Email Clients that Support Audio Players

Apple Mail
Native Apps on iOS 10+ Devices
Native Apps on Samsung Galaxy Devices
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