How do I edit the padding of a row in my message?

In this article, we explain how to change the padding of a row in the Drag & Drop Email Builder.

With AWeber's Drag & Drop Email Builder, you can customize the look and feel of individual sections of your message using Rows. For example, you can add multiple images side-by-side by adding columns to a row in the middle of your message.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. In the Drag & Drop Email Builder, select the row in your message that you want to edit.

    Row selected in message editor

  2. After selecting that row, the settings for the row will appear on the right side of the message editor.

    Row menu to the right of the editor

  3. Using the "Top," "Right," "Bottom," and "Left" boxes, type in the number of pixels you want to apply to the row. When you enter these values, your row will automatically adjust as the padding increases or decreases.

    Padding section with options to increase on all sides

    Note: If the template you are using has padding built in, the changes you make to the padding of the row cannot reduce the padding around the edge of the template.

  4. If there is more than one column in your row, selecting the box labelled "Apply settings to all columns" will duplicate these settings to the other columns in your Row. If this box is not selected, you can have different settings for each column.

    Column settings

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the padding of the row.

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