How do I add an emoji to the subject line of my message?

Adding emojis to the subject lines of your messages is a great way to spruce up your subject line. Using the emoji picker, you can add emojis that are relevant to the content of your message or simply catch your subscriber's eye.

In this article, we will discuss how to use the emoji picker to add an emoji to the subject line of your draft.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, create a message by going to the Drafts page, clicking the blue "Create a Message" button, and selecting the message editor you would like to use.

    Create a message.png

  2. Next, type your subject line in the text-box directly above the message editor.

    Type out your subject line

  3. To select an emoji, click the smiley face icon to the right of your subject line.

    Click the smiley face icon

  4. You can search through all of the available emojis by scrolling through the gallery.

    Scroll through the available emojis

    You can also search for emojis by typing keywords into the search bar.

    Search for emojis using the search bar

    You can browse through different categories by clicking the icons at the top of the emoji picker.

    Click the icons at the top of the emoji picker to browse categories

  5. It's important to note that not all browsers and devices support emojis. When you hover over an emoji, you will see a description of the emoji, as well as the fallback unicode emoticon. In this case, the fallback emoticon would be 8).

    Description of the emoji and unicode emoticon

  6. If you would like to change the skin tone of the emoji, click the "Default Skin Tone" icon at the bottom of the emoji picker.

    Click the Default Skin Tone icon

    Then, select skin tone you would like to use.


And that's it! The emoji that you selected will now be in the subject line of your message.

The emoji will now be in your subject line

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