How can I share my podcast from the Anchor app to Curate?

In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to share a podcast from the Anchor app to a newsletter in Curate.

With AWeber's Curate app, you can easily create curated newsletters to send out to your subscribers from your mobile device. With the Anchor app, you can record and share podcasts with your listeners. You can also add these podcasts directly to your Curate newsletter to share with your subscribers.

Note: This functionality is currently only supported on Android devices.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Open the Anchor app and tap the "Your Podcast" icon.

    Tap the Your Profile icon

  2. Next, tap the podcast episode that you would like to add to your newsletter.

    Tap your podcast episode

  3. After you select an episode, you will see some more information about the episode. In the "Listeners" section, tap the "Share this episode" button.

    Tap the Share this episode button

  4. Select Curate from the available apps.

    Select Curate from available apps

And that's it! You will now see your podcast episode in your newsletter. The curated block may include the title of the episode, an image, the source, and a description of the episode. You can further edit the curated block by tapping the pencil icon. Once you send your newsletter, your subscribers will be able to visit the link and listen to your podcast episode.

Your podcast episode will appear

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