What are tags?

Tags are used as one of the primary methods of subscriber management within your AWeber account. Specifically, tags are keywords or phrases that you can use to group subscribers together and assign specific campaign messages to them. Tags can help you learn more about your subscribers or help you determine which form they used to sign up to your list. You can use tags with your sign up forms and campaigns to further automate your messages, or you can send broadcast messages to subscribers who have a certain tag applied. Tags can also help you manage your subscriber information from one list rather than having multiple lists.

Tags are different from ad tracking values, which are specific to each individual sign up form in your list. You can have multiple and varied tags, and the words or phrases that you use can be as specific or as general as you want.

Why should I use tags?

Overall, tags can help you to better manage your subscribers and curate the messages that they receive. You wouldn't want to send information about a specific topic to a subscriber who is not interested in that topic, and tags can help you make sure all of the messages you're sending are relevant to your subscribers. There are a lot of different use cases and ways that you can create tags.

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