How can I get the technical details of my AWeber for WordPress Widget?

After you have successfully installed the Webform Widget and have added the form to your website, you may notice that the form is not displaying properly. If your form is a little bit wider, it may not fit perfectly at first depending on the theme you are using for your blog. Luckily, you can easily resize your form in AWeber's form generator.

If you're experiencing any other issues that are not resolved by adjusting the width, feel free to contact our customer solutions team. There is some information about the widget that you can view directly from your Wordpress dashboard. Hover over the "AWeber" option and click "System Info" to view additional details about the plugin.

System Info tab

The "System Info" page includes details like the version of the plugin and the version of Wordpress you're using. You can provide this information to our customer solutions team by emailing it directly to

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