How do I use the "Subscribe On Comment" feature for the AWeber for WordPress plugin?

After you install the AWeber for Wordpress plugin for Wordpress, you have the ability to add people who comment on or register for your blog to your list. This can be a useful tool to help grow your lists beyond just the sign up form.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, install the AWeber for Wordpress plugin for Wordpress.

  2. After you enter your authorization code and connect to AWeber, you will be able to specify a list that subscribers will be added to after leaving a comment on your blog posts, and a list that subscribers will be added to after registering to your blog. First, navigate to the "Advanced Options" tab on the "Settings" page of the AWeber plugin.

    Click Advanced Options

  3. Then, select the lists that you would like subscribers added to when they register or leave a comment.

    Select a list

    If you would not like subscribers added to any lists after either of these two actions, leave the check box unselected.

  4. If you would like tags applied to subscribers that are added to the lists you specify, you can add those tags in the "Add Tag(s)" section. You're able to as many tags as you'd like, separated by commas.

    Add tags

  5. You'll also want to enter the text that will appear next to the subscription checkbox in the "Subscription Label" area (this will be set to "Sign up to our newsletter!" by default).

    Subscription Label

  6. Once you're finished, click "Save."

    Click Save

And that's it! Now, approved commenters and people who register will be added to the list of your choosing.

Someone commented on my blog but they weren't added to my list

In order to prevent comment spammers from adding bad email addresses to your list, the plugin only adds comments that have been approved. Once a comment is manually or automatically approved, the person who left the comment will be added to your list.

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