How do I resend a campaign message if a subscriber doesn't open it?

You may wish to resend a message from your Campaign if it is not opened within a certain period of time. This can be done by adding automations to the initial message. In this article we will go over how to set up this automation. 



Step By Step Instructions

  1. Create a campaign and add a message to it. 

    Create a Campaign with at least one message
  2. Select that message, and choose Add Automation.

    select a memssage and click the blue Add Automation button in the settings on the right
  3. Choose "Opens the message" and "Remove subscriber from campaign". This will remove the subscriber from the campaign if they open the message. 

    choose the autoamtion settings using the drop down menus on the right

    If you want them to receive a new message after opening this one, you can apply a tag automation as well. Add the next message to a new Campaign that is triggered by the tag that is applied when they open this message. 

  4. Click Apply to save this automation.

    click the blue Apply button
  5. Add a Wait time, and then the same message. 

    add additional actions to your Campaign

    Because of the automation you applied, this message will only go out to subscribers who have not opened the first message before the wait time has passed. 
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