How do I convert my Follow Up Series into a Campaign?

Campaigns are a great way to engage your subscribers with both automated content and targeted messages. With multiple options for triggers and automations, you can create numerous customized series that all work without needing daily oversight.

If you have a Follow Up Series in place, you may wish to convert it to a Campaign, so that you can take advantage of these advanced features. In this article we will go over how to do this.

If your account was created after 02/03/2020, the Follow Up Series feature will not be present within your account as this feature has been deprecated. Creating an automated series of messages can be done with Campaigns.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Follow Up Series page and scroll to the "Follow Up Sharing" section.

    scroll to the section labelled Follow Up Sharing
  2. Click the toggle switch to enable Follow Up Sharing for authorized users.

    click the toggle switch so that it turns blue
  3. Copy the code that displays.

    copy the purple text that appears
  4. Navigate to the Campaigns page and click the "Create a Campaign" button.

    click create a campaign
  5. Choose "Import a campaign."

    click the box that says Import a campaign
  6. Paste the sharing code into the box and click "Import." 

    paste the code into the box that appears, and click the blue Import button

Congratulations! Your follow up series has been recreated as a campaign. Don't forget to delete the messages from the Follow Up Series so that you don't have the same series of messages running simultaneously in a Campaign and the Follow Up Series.

Important things to note:

  • When you first import the campaign, it will not be active. You can make any changes that are needed before activating the campaign. Before activating the campaign you may want to pause the Follow Up Series so that new subscribers are not sent both. 
  • Messages in the Follow Up Series or Campaigns are usually separated by time intervals or waits. Once your subscriber gets a message the subscriber won’t get the next message until the time interval or wait is complete, e.g. 2 day interval/wait.
    When a subscriber has started a time interval or wait and you subsequently edit it, (changed from 2 days to 5 days), the impact on the subscriber is different in Follow Up Series vs Campaigns.
    - For the Follow Up Series:
    If a subscriber is in the 2 day interval and you change it to 5, the subscriber will now wait for 5 days total.
    - For Campaigns:
    If a subscriber is in the 2 day wait and you change it to 5, the subscriber will still wait for 2 days. But from that point on, any subscriber entering that wait will wait for 5 days.
  • Campaigns will always send based on the time zone you are in when you create the campaign. If your follow up series was set to send based on your subscribers' local time, it will revert to send based on your local time zone when you import the campaign.
  • If a subscriber is currently going through the follow up series, they will not be moved to the campaign when it is imported or activated. They will continue to receive messages from the follow up series in the list.
  • Importing your series as a campaign will not pause or stop the original follow up series. It will continue to send to subscribers until it is paused or deleted.
  • The longest possible interval for a message in the follow up series is 999 days. For campaigns, the longest possible interval for a Wait action is 365 days. If your message from the follow up series has an interval that was longer than 365 days it will be set to 365 days in the campaign Wait action. 
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