How will Dark Mode affect my email?

Dark mode is an accessibility setting that shifts the device interface's color palette to display content in high contrast using dark background colors, and light foreground colors. If you can imagine this article with a black background, and white text, you'd have an accurate idea of what Dark Mode is. 

As of Apple's release of iOS 13, iPhones have an option to enable Dark Mode. Android devices also have this functionality. A device with Dark Mode enabled will display any websites that are visited, authorized applications, and specifically, any emails that are read in this 'light on dark' fashion. 

Will Dark Mode change how my emails look?

Any email that you send containing an image will not be affected by Dark Mode within AWeber. As devices with Dark Mode enabled alter the CSS or styling of a webpage or application, it does not alter images. When an image is identified as being present in an email, the device being used to view that email will automatically not make any changes to how it is displayed.

On the other hand, we do recommend two email templates when trying to create a Dark Mode responsive email. Without images, our templates "Default" and "Structure" will properly display your emails for any of your subscribers who are using a device with Dark Mode enabled to view your emails. 

If you're not aware, you can apply a template to a message you're creating within your AWeber account.


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