How do I update subscriber information through an import?

Effectively managing your list of subscribers is crucial in finding success with email marketing. While we provide many tools and search functions to help you, among other things, segment a specific group of subscribers or apply a tag in bulk, this functionality limits you to part of your list. What if you wanted to update a custom field for all of your existing subscribers or add a phone number field, all at once? Using our Update on Import feature, you can do just that. In this article, we will discuss the functionality of this tool, and cover a few specific use cases in how this can be helpful.

Update subscriber information through an import

Upon visiting the Imports page inside your AWeber account, the second step will ask how you want to process the import. The listed options will have the following effect on your import when selected:

Only add new - As the import is being processed, our system will only import subscribers that are not already on your mailing list. Anyone who is currently on your list will be ignored.

Add new and update existing - While your import is being processed, our system will not just add your newest subscribers, but will update all custom fields and tags associated with the subscribers in the file you are importing.


How can this help me manage my list?

You can use this feature to send a broadcast to your updated subscribers, or kick off an automated campaign that gets triggered by a newly-applied tag.

Let’s say you have a list of existing customers who have purchased a product from you. You want to send these customers specific targeted messages in the future, so you tag them as ‘Buyers’ and then get ready to import their information into a specific list within your AWeber account. Any email address that already happens to be a current subscriber on that list will now have that tag applied to their existing subscriber information.

Maybe you want to update names, physical addresses, or phone numbers. Maybe you want to add birthdays or geographic information. Updating information associated with the subscribers on your lists has never been more simple.

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