How do I integrate GoSchedule with AWeber?

GoSchedule is a cloud-based software for small businesses that provide services to customers through appointment scheduling.

You'll be able to connect GoSchedule to AWeber using your Zapier account. The steps below will cover how to create a Zap to accomplish actions like immediately adding a subscriber in GoSchedule to the AWeber list of your choosing.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First use this link in order to bring up Zapier's GoSchedule page.

  2. On the next page, click "Make a Zap".


  3. Type "GoSchedule" and choose the app.


  4. Select your Zapier trigger event, and then click "Continue".

  5. Choose your GoSchedule account and click "Continue".


  6. Choose your GoSchedule organization from the drop down menu. Then, click "Continue".


  7. Here, you can conduct a test of your established connection. This is optional, so if you do not wish to conduct a test, click the "Skip Test" option.


  8. Type "AWeber" and choose the app.


  9. Select your desired action event. For our example, we will be choosing "Create Subscriber".


  10. Choose your AWeber account and click "Continue".


  11. Customize your subscriber details by mapping each field. Then, click "Continue" at the bottom of the window.


  12. Then, turn your Zap on by clicking the "Off" switch. This will enable your Zap.


And that's it! Now when a new booking is scheduled, the subscriber's information will be passed to Zapier and over to AWeber to the list you want automatically.

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