How do I switch accounts in AWeber's Atom App?

AWeber's Atom App allows you to add subscribers to the list of your choosing. You can display a form on your device for subscribers to sign up in person. 

Team Hub allows you to give access to your account for up to three different members: an Owner, an Admin, or a Team Member. The owner of the account and admin users have access to all information including billing information. Team members have access to all account information, but not to billing information. If you're a user on multiple accounts, you can navigate between the accounts on the Atom app.

The Atom App is accessible on both the Google Play and App Stores, but Team Hub is only accessible through the Android version of the app at this time. In this article, we are going to walkthrough the steps to switch between your accounts in the Atom App for Android.


  1.  Launch the Atom App and tap "Sign In."

    Tap Sign In

  2. Then, enter your login details and tap "Allow access."

    Enter login credentials

  3. After you login, you will be able to view all of the accounts for which you are currently a user. Tap the account that you would like to access.

    Select an account

  4. Once you login, you can select a list from your account to display the form. If you would like to switch accounts, first tap the menu icon from the top-left corner of the page.

    Menu icon

  5. Then, tap "Logout" from the list of available options.

    Logout button

  6. Once you logout, you will be brought to the sign in page. Tap "Sign In" again.

    Tap Sign In

  7. Then, enter your login credentials and tap "Allow access."

    Enter login credentials again

  8. Select another account.

    Select another account

And that's it! You have successfully navigated between your accounts. Now, you can continue to manage multiple accounts through the Atom App!

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