How do I change the thank you page for my landing page?

This article explains how to change your landing page thank you page by using AWeber's powerfully-simply builder.

When a person subscribes to your list using a landing page, they're directed to a page meant to encourage them to confirm their subscription (if the confirmation message is on) or notify them that their subscription is complete (if the confirmation message is off).

You may use AWeber's simple thank you page version, use a custom URL, or direct subscribers to no thank you page at all.



Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the "Landing Pages" tab.

    Landing Pages tab

  2. Then, click the name of the landing page you wish to edit.

    Click on your landing page

  3. While in the landing page builder, click on the form of your landing page, and select 'Submission' in the menu that appears on the righthand side of the editor.

    Landing Page Form settings

    Landing Page Form Submissions settings

    Please note: you can also add tags to your form.

  4. To change your thank you page, click the drop down menu and select one of the available options.

    Choose from the different thank you page options

  5. After entering a custom URL for your thank you page, you can also add a custom URL for your Already Subscribed Page if desired.

    Add custom URL for thank you page

  6. Once complete, click the "Save & Exit" button. For your changes to take effect on your published landing page, you must click the "Publish" button.

    Publish the changes

That's it! Now, you've successfully changed your thank you page for your landing page. Subscribers will be directed to the page you've indicated based on your landing page form's settings.

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