How do I set up a Google Analytics ID and Facebook Pixel on my Landing Page?

Tracking how your audience got to your web pages and what they do once they get there provides very helpful information that can be used to refine your marketing marketing efforts for the better.

AWeber Landing Pages support the use of a Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels. In this article, we will cover how to add this functionality to your Landing Page.

Where do I find my Google Analytics ID?

Google Analytics gives you insight into who is visiting your landing page, where they came from, and what they do once they get there. You can find your Google Analytics ID through your Google account.

Note: If you cannot find your Tracking ID (i.e. "UA-" ID), it is likely you have a Google Analytics 4 property by default. Be sure to edit your advanced settings to create a Universal Analytics property.

Where do I find my Facebook Pixel ID?

Taking advantage of the Facebook Pixel allows you to see the effectiveness of your Facebook posts and ads. You can see which posts and ads are most effective in driving people to your landing page and converting them into subscribers and customers. Facebook provides information on where to find your Facebook Pixel ID.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. After creating your Landing Page, click 'Settings' in the top right section of your page, under 'Page Properties'.

    Settings under Page Properties section

    Note - If you don't already see the "Page Properties" settings, you will need to close out of the current properties you're viewing. To do so, click the "X" of the existing section you're in.

    Access the Page Properties section
  2. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a section labeled, 'Tracking', which contains a text box for a Google Analytics ID and a Facebook Pixel ID. Place the appropriate ID in one, or both, of these boxes. 

    Add your Facebook Pixel ID into Tracking section

And you're done! Make sure you publish the changes you've made after saving your page. Data associated with subscribers that navigate to your pages from a Facebook ad or post, and those that arrive through avenues that you have configured with Google Analytics, will now be tracked.

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