How do I set up Cart Abandonment with WooCommerce?

In this article, we will walk through the steps to set up cart abandonment within your WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce is an WordPress eCommerce platform that allows you to sell your products and services. With the WooCommerce integration, you can easily add your customers to your AWeber list, allowing you to monetize your newsletter.

You can also target customers who did not complete their purchases through cart abandonment. As long as the customer or guest enters their email address upon checkout, they will be added to the list of your choosing. You can determine the amount of time that it takes before a shopping cart is considered "abandoned." You can also apply tags to these customers, which you can use to trigger automated campaigns. If a customer ends up completing their purchase, you can set up a rule to apply a new tag or unsubscribe them from the list.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Download and install the WooCommerce plugin and integrate with your AWeber account.

  2. Below your "Checkout Rules," you can begin customizing the cart abandonment settings. First, choose the list that you would like subscribers added to.

    Select a list

  3. If you would like guest customers to be added to your list if they abandon their carts, click the "Guest customers" checkbox. Please note: this will require that a guest enters their email address in the checkout form. If they do not enter their email address, they will not be added to your list.

    Guest customers checkbox

  4. Next, you can designate the amount of time, in minutes, that needs to pass before a cart is considered abandoned. Adjust the number in the "Cut-off time" box to the desired time.

    Cut-off time in minutes

    You can also adjust the timeframe after which the cart cannot be recovered. This can be configured in days, weeks, months, and years.

    Cut-off time for recovering carts

  5. If you would like expired carts removed from your WooCommerce database, then click the "Delete expired carts" checkbox.

    Delete expired carts checkbox

  6. Then, you can designate any tags that you would like to apply to these subscribers. You can apply as many tags as you would like, but WooCommerce provides some examples.

    Cart abandonment tags

    You can also tag customers based on the products that were in their cart. Simply click the "Product tags" checkbox and adjust the "Product tag format" as necessary.

    Product tags

  7. The next section allows you to automate actions based on if the cart is recovered or expired. Choose which action you would like in the "On cart recovery" drop-down menu. You can apply a tag when the cart is recovered, unsubscribe the subscriber from your list, or remove them from the list.

    On cart recovery drop-down

    If you select "Add tag," you can add whatever tag you would like to apply in the "Recovered cart tag" textbox. Please note: you can only apply one tag at this time.

    Add recovered cart tags

  8. Choose the action you would like in the "On cart expiration" drop-down.

    On cart expiration tag drop-down

    If you select "Add tag," enter the tag in the "Expired cart tag" textbox.

    Add expired cart tags

  9. Finally, click the "Save changes" button.

    Click save changes

And that's it! Congratulations, you have successfully created cart abandonment rules with WooCommerce. Now, you can continue to target your store visitors and help encourage sales.

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