How do I integrate Elementor Free and Elementor Pro with AWeber?

Using the AWeber for WordPress plugin, you can add an AWeber form to your Elementor free page. You can also connect to an Elementor form through Elementor Pro.

With the AWeber for WordPress plugin, you can easily drag and drop forms that you have created in your AWeber account onto your Wordpress page. All you need is your AWeber account and a completed sign up form. This is a great way to provide your website visitors with a way to join your email list.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to install and connect the AWeber for WordPress plugin. Elementor Free allows you to include an AWeber form on your page. If you're using Elementor Pro, then you can also connect your Elementor form to your list.

Note: You will need to have both the AWeber for WordPress plugin and Elementor Free or Elementor Pro installed.

In the first section of this article, we will detail how to publish an AWeber sign up form on your Elementor Free page. In the second section, we will walk through the steps to connect the form widget in Elementor Pro to your list.

Adding an AWeber Form to Elementor Free

  1. Once you have created your page using Elementor, you'll find an AWeber widget in the left-hand sidebar menu. Drag this widget into your page where you would like it displayed.

    Drag AWeber widget into your page

  2.  Upon placing your widget in the desired location, you'll find an option to select the list and sign up form that you would like displayed on your page.

    Select your list and sign up form

    Please Note: Your sign up forms will have a prefix of "Form -", while any sign up forms that you have configured in a Split Test will have a prefix of "Split -".

  3. After choosing your list and form, you will see your AWeber form displayed on your page.

    AWeber form will be displayed

Integrating with Elementor Pro

  1. After you create your Elementro Pro account, you will have access to the Pro widgets. Click and drag the form widget from the menu options on the left-hand side of the page.

    Drag Elementor Pro widget into your page

  2. You can add any fields under the "Form Fields" tab. You can also adjust the styling of the form.

    Add any form fields

    Note - Elementor Pro only supports the "Full Name" field, so you can not separate the name field into first name and last name fields.

  3. Once the form is designed how you would like, click the "Actions After Submit" tab.

    Click Actions After Submit

  4. If you're sending a message through Elementor after the subscriber submits their information, then you do not have to remove the "Email" selection from this tab. Simply select AWeber from the list of available options.

    Select AWeber list from options

  5. Once you do this, a new "AWeber" tab will appear. Click this tab.

    Your AWeber tab will appear

  6. First, select the list that you would like subscribers added to.

    Select your list for subscribers to be added

  7. Then, add any tags that you would like to apply to subscribers in the "Tags" field. You can add multiple tags separated by commas.

    Apply tags to your subscribers

  8. Next, you need to map all of the Elementor fields with the corresponding field in AWeber. You must at least map the email field for the information to be sent to AWeber. If you have any custom fields, you can map those as well.

    Note: If you want any custom fields from your form in Elementor to be passed over, the custom fields would also need to be created in AWeber.

    Map all of your Elementor fields in AWeber

Once complete, publish your changes when you're finished. And that's it! Now, subscribers who visit your Wordpress page built with Elementor will have the option to subscribe to your AWeber list!

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