How do I use the "and/or" search function with tags?

Tags are keywords or phrases that help you group subscribers together and send them specific messages. Your subscribers may have different tags applied and you can target each of them through the "or" search. You can also search for subscribers that have a set of tags applied to their information. This and/or search function will work for up to 10 unique tags.

To search for subscribers who have one of two tags applied, search for Tag > is any of these, and add up to 10 tags in the search box separated by commas. In this example, the search results will include any subscriber who has the "customer" tag or the "returning-customer" tag.

Is any of these search

To search for subscribers who have both tags applied, search for Tag > includes all of these. In the example below, the search results would include any subscriber tagged with "customer" and "returning-customer."

Includes all of these search

After you search, you can save the subscribers in a segment and send a broadcast directly to that segment. This newly created segment could be a combination of multiple segments you had by bulk tagging each individual segment with the same tag.

And that's it! Now that all of the subscribers are combined into one segment, you can select this segment when you schedule the broadcast.

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