How do I allow for subscribers to receive a Campaign multiple times?

In this article, we explain how to set your Campaign to allow subscribers to enter it multiple times.

AWeber's Campaign feature is highly customizable through the use of Tags. You are able to apply Tags to subscribers based on clicks and opens, trigger a unique series of messages, and remove subscribers from a Campaign. Combining all of these features gives you the ability to create a unique email sequence for each of the subscribers that are added to your list.

Campaigns can be configured to allow subscribers to progress through them, from start to finish, even if they had previously received the entirety of that Campaign. This can be particularly useful in order to maintain an organized set of Campaigns, and will negate the need to duplicate a Campaign.

Note: Subscriber Activity will not show the campaign messages getting sent again. However, you will see new Subscriber Activity when a subscriber opens the message or clicks a link in the message.



Step By Step Instructions

  1. After creating your Campaign, you'll need to make sure that your Campaign trigger is listed as 'Tag Applied'. Since the 'On Subscribe' trigger will only function for new subscribers when they are added to your list, there is no opportunity to have subscribers restart a series based on the action of subscribing to your list. 

    Tag Applied Trigger

  2. After specifying a trigger tag, click the 'X' in the top right corner of the screen, to reveal the Campaign Options.

    Click the X towards the upper right corner

  3. Within the Campaign Options menu, you'll be able to specify how many times a subscriber can enter that Campaign when the trigger tag is applied. If you would like subscribers to have the ability to enter your Campaign multiple times, select 'Multiple Entries'.

    Multiple Entry Option

    Note: In order for a subscriber to re-enter a Campaign, they must reach the end of the Campaign or be removed, and must receive the trigger tag again. Since a tag cannot be applied to a subscriber if they already have it, you'll need to make sure you have the trigger tag removed from subscribers who complete the Campaign. Using the 'Apply Tag' element within the Campaign builder will enable you to list any tags that you'd like removed from subscribers that reach that point in your Campaign. Updated trigger tags will also cause the Campaign to resend to subscribers under the same conditions.

    Additionally, Campaigns have a 15 minute lockout period before a subscriber can reenter them after the trigger tag is removed. Once this interval has passed, subscribers can begin the Campaign again. Reentry attempts made within the 15 minute lockout period will be ignored.

    Section to remove tags when action is reached

  4. With the trigger tag removed from your subscribers upon completing your Campaign, it can now be applied once again which will start subscribers at the beginning of the series, regardless of whether or not they have entered into that Campaign before.

Congratulations! Subscribers can now re-enter this Campaign after previously completing it.

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