How do I customize the "Opt-In Prompt" for my Web Push Notification?

In this article, we will walk through the steps to customize the "Opt-In Prompt" for your Web Push Notifications.

Browsers show a prompt requiring visitors to “Opt-In", much like with your newsletter messages. AWeber allows you to customize this prompt to reflect your company's brand.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. We automatically turn your custom prompt on so that you can collect website subscribers. You can toggle this off in your settings if you want to temporarily prevent the prompt from displaying. You will not be able to gain new website subscribers until you turn this back on.

    Enable Opt-In Prompt toggle

  2. Next, you can edit when the opt-in prompt will display. By default, we set it to the second time they visit your site and put in a delay of 30 seconds. You can edit this in the "Opt-In Prompt Timing" section.

    Settings for the Opt-In Prompt Timing

    Note: The timing of the opt-in modal is very important for engagement. It's helpful to allow your visitors to browse your site and become familiar with your content prior to asking them sign up to receive notifications.

  3. Next, you may customize the prompt to reflect your brand, and to communicate the value you deliver through notifications. In "Customize Prompt" section, click "Edit Prompt" to begin.

    Edit Prompt Button

  4. In the "Customize Prompt" settings, you can first add an image to your modal. We will try to pre-load a default image in the following order of priority: a logo from website settings, the logo image from your “List Settings,” or a default bell icon. You can either browse for a file on your computer or use one from the image gallery.

    Logo Settings for opt-in prompt

  5. You can also add a brief description. We recommend that you customize it to let your visitors know who you are or the value you are offering with your Web Push Notifications. We allow for up to 100 characters.

    Desription text box for opt in prompt

  6. Once complete, click "Save Prompt."

    Save Prompt button

    Back on the "Opt-In Prompt" page, you will see a preview of the modal. When the modal is live, it will display in the top-center of the website visitor’s screen.

  7. Lastly, you can trigger the opt-in prompt with a button or text link on your site. This will require some additional coding on your site, but it is a great way for your website visitors to subscribe to your Web Push Notifications when they are ready. Note: this function is optional.

And that's it! When subscribers visit your site, they will see this opt-in prompt and can subscribe to your Web Push Notifications. 

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