How many times will the opt-in prompt for my Web Push Notifications appear?

With Web Push Notifications, you can send important updates about your business or website through a web browser. These notifications will appear when a user has their browser open, so they can be an effective tool to supplement your newsletter messages and help increase engagement with your website. Visitors to your website will have to opt-in to receive these notifications. They will first see an opt-in prompt from AWeber, which you can customize in your Web Push Notifications settings.

If they click to block notifications, then the opt-in prompt will not appear again and they will have to adjust their browser settings to allow for them again. If they simply exit out of the opt-in modal, it will appear again.

Once the subscriber clicks to allow notifications from AWeber, the browser's native opt-in prompt will appear as well. They will also have to click to allow notifications from the browser. If they don't click "allow," then the AWeber prompt will appear again. This will behave differently on different browsers and depending on the action they take.

How often will native notification prompts appear?

If the user clicks "x" in the Chrome opt-in prompt three times, then the prompt will not appear again for a week. If the user exits out of the modal on Firefox, they will have to allow notifications from within their Firefox settings.

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