What is the "Quiet Permission UI" on Chrome and Firefox?

In this article, we're going to discuss the "quiet opt-in" settings on both Chrome and Firefox and what you and your site visitors can do to prevent them from blocking your notifications.

Web push notifications have become increasingly popular to help keep visitors connected to their favorite websites, but not all users follow best practices for implementing them. In order to combat potential abuse and improve the "opt-in" experience for notifications, both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox made updates to their UIs to include "quiet notifications" settings.


The quiet notification UI will turn on automatically for people that normally block opt-in prompt requests and also for websites that have a very low rate of people opting-in to receive notifications.


Mozilla will automatically show a “quiet notification” prompt on websites that try and trigger them without a user’s action, like clicking on a button or hyperlink.

What can I do to help prevent this?

One of the main reasons why people often dismiss the opt-in prompt is because the prompt appears immediately when a page loads. Although this sounds tempting to get someone’s attention, there is a wide consensus that this is a very poor user experience. This is because the visitor doesn’t have a chance to learn what the site is about and whether they find value in that content.

In response, we offer a smart default on your “Opt-In Prompt” timer settings. If you choose to show it on someone’s first visit, the delay must be at least 30 seconds.

Beyond customizing the timing and formatting of the opt-in prompt, like adding a logo image and description, you can also customize how and when the prompt displays on your site. A best practice is to have a visitor on your website actively choose if they want to give permission to receive your web push notifications. If you're comfortable using custom HTML, you can connect the prompt to a button, image, or hyperlink on your site and set it to trigger when that link is clicked.

What if someone accidentally blocks my notifications?

If someone blocked your notifications by mistake or if they change their mind, then they can reset their browser permissions to accept notifications. After resetting their browser permissions, they can visit your site again and they should see the opt-in prompt.

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