What information can I view on my Dashboard?

The dashboard provides an overview of the subscribers and broadcasts in your account, and allows you to easily access helpful tools like the drag & drop editor. In the sections below, we are going to highlight what information you can view on the dashboard.

Subscriber Stats

The "Subscriber Stats" section is located at the top of your dashboard. The "Total Subscribers" section shows the total number of subscribers in your account. You can get a full breakdown of your lists in the "List Stats" table, which we will discuss below.

Subscriber Stats

This will also show the number of subscribers who were added to your lists yesterday and today, and will show the total number of subscribers who unsubscribed. You can click the "Add a Subscriber" or "Import Multiple" buttons to access the "Add Subscribers" page.

Add subscribers buttons

Other Helpful Tools

Next to the "Subscriber Stats" section, you have helpful links to start creating draft messages. If you click "Create a Message," you can select between the Drag & Drop Email Builder, HTML Editor, or Plain Text Editor.

Create a Message button

You'll also see tools to get started creating templates and landing pages. You can click "Create a Landing Page" to access the landing page builder.

Create a Landing Page buton

Broadcast Data

Underneath the "Subscriber Stats" section, you will see the "Scheduled Broadcasts" section. This will show all of the upcoming broadcasts for your account and when they will be sent. 

Scheduled broadcasts

Next, you will see the "Sent Broadcasts" section, which shows the two most recently sent broadcasts. This includes opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints. You can click on the subject line of the message or click "View Stats" to view the QuickStats page and more detailed stats information. You can also copy the message back to your drafts or to the drafts page of another list.

Recently sent

List Stats

Lastly, you can view the full breakdown of your lists from the "List Stats" table. This shows the total number of new subscribers added today and yesterday, as well as the total number of active subscribers and unsubscribes by list. The "Total" column shows the total number of subscribers in each list. The last row in the table shows totals for the whole account. This table can be very beneficial to help locate and delete your unsubscribes if you're not using their data.

List Stats table

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