How do I add a countdown timer to my messages and landing pages using Sendtric?

Sendtric is a service that provides custom made countdown timers that are optimized for email. Countdown timers are a great addition to emails or landing pages where your subscribers need to take action by a certain date. This article will walk through how to create a timer with Sendtric and add it to your messages created in the Drag & Drop Email Builder in addition to the Landing Page builder.

Custom countdown timer

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, navigate over to In the text boxes that are displayed, you'll need to configure your email address, time zone, the date and time your timer ends, language, and styling options. Once you've finished, click 'Generate'.

    Generate your timer

  2. You will then find the countdown timer displayed along with some code under it. Here, you'll want to copy the image URL that is found within this code. 

    Copy image URL

  3. Now that you have the image link, paste this link to the Image URL field using an image element in your message.

    Image URL Field

    You can also add the countdown timer to a Smart Content element on your landing page. Upon doing so, you'll find your countdown timer displayed.

    Landing Page Smart Content URL

Now your countdown timer will start counting down to the set date!

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