What is optin.com?

Optin.com is used by AWeber to send permission based email on behalf of our customers. Each customer gets their own subdomain on optin.com, for example MrPlumber.optin.com. This subdomain is exclusive to the mail that we send for them.

To understand why this is important, we need to talk a little bit about sender reputation.

Sender Reputation

When mailbox providers and ISPs receive email, they watch how their users engage with itsuch as when users open the message, click on links, ignore the message, delete the message, or even mark the message as spam. This user engagement is measured for each domain that sends email and used to help calculate a reputation score for that domain. When the same domain is used for multiple senders, their reputation is - to some degree - combined together.

Sender Reputation with optin.com

At AWeber, since each customer gets their own subdomain, this helps each sender have their own separate reputation score at ISPs. This helps each customer reap the full benefit of all the hard work that they do to build and maintain relationships with their subscribers.


If you are not an AWeber user, you may have landed on this page because you received a message from one of our users. Regardless of industry or business size, AWeber helps our customers keep in touch with their subscribers, all while upholding email marketing best practices.

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If you came here because you received an unsolicited email from an AWeber user, please tell us. Forward the message you received, including the mail headers, to abuse@optin.com. Include a note letting us know that the message is spam, and that you did not specifically request to receive information from the sender.

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