How do I trigger a Campaign from a specific Landing Page?

In this article, we are going to walk through the steps to connect your landing page to your campaign using tags.

Tags are keywords or phrases that you can use to group your subscribers together and send specific messages. There are a lot of different use cases for tags, but we are going to focus on how they can be used to trigger campaigns.

Landing pages are a great tool to help build your list by offering a downloadable incentive or promotion, or simply encouraging subscribers to sign up for your newsletter. You might want to send specific information to subscribers who sign up through a particular landing page, and applying a tag would help assure that only the subscribers who sign up through that landing page receive the content.

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Please note: The steps below explain how you can connect the landing page to your campaign, but you can also accomplish this with regular AWeber forms.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click "Pages & Forms" then "Landing Pages" tab to access your landing pages. Then, click the name of the landing page you want to edit. 

    Click the landing page

  2. Click within the form to edit the form settings.

    Click the form

  3. Next, click the "Submission" tab from the form settings on the right-hand side of the editor.

    Submissions tab

  4. Add what tag you would like in the "Tags" box.

    Tags box

  5. Save your landing page and make sure to publish any changes. Then, go to "Automations" then the "Campaigns" page and click the edit button of the campaign that you would like to edit. If you don't have a campaign yet, then click "Create a Campaign" to get started.

    Click the Edit button

  6. If your campaign is set to trigger "on subscribe," then click the "Replace Trigger" button above the trigger step. 

    Replace Trigger button

  7. Click "Tag Applied."

    Click Tag Applied

  8. Enter your tag into the "Tag Applied" section on the right-hand side of the campaign editor.

    Enter your tag

And that's it! When a subscriber submits their information to your landing page, they will be tagged and trigger the campaign connected to this tag.

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