How can I maintain all of my subscribers in one list?

In the sections below, we are going to highlight the different ways you can work from one list using tags and segments.

What are tags?

Tags are key words or phrases that help group your subscribers together so you can send them specific messages. You can manually apply tags to your subscribers, or have tags applied automatically when they sign up through specific landing pages and sign up forms. There are lot of different use cases for tags.

You can apply as many tags as you need to your subscribers and you can update your existing subscribers with new tags. For example, if a subscriber signs up through a second form or landing page that has a different tag applied, then the new tag will be applied to their information, as well. Tags are the building blocks for other features like campaigns. You can view all of the tags for a specific list by clicking the "List Options" tab and selecting "Tags."

You can also click on an individual subscriber's name from the "Subscribers" page to view all of the tags they have applied.

Tags section of the subscriber profile

How do I use campaigns and tags?

Campaigns are automatic sequences of messages that will send out at the intervals you set up. You can use campaigns to welcome your subscribers to your list and introduce yourself. You can also campaigns to send specific content to certain subscribers on your list. If you add a tag to your landing page or sign up form, you can use that tag to trigger a campaign. This would be useful if you wanted to send an eBook as an incentive to subscribers who visit a particular page on your site, or if you want to send the eBook as a reward to a handful of subscribers who are already on your list.

Using campaigns that trigger on a tag being applied is also useful if you have multiple websites so that you can easily differentiate between the subscribers who sign up through a particular website and send them the content related to that site.

You can have multiple campaigns on one list and trigger each campaign on a different tag. You can also set the campaigns to allow for subscribers to receive them multiple times. This way, if you have a recurring promotion, you can reuse the campaign and existing subscribers can submit their information again to receive the promotion.

How do I use segments?

Segments are groups of subscribers within a list who share certain criteria of your choosing, like subscribers who all have the same tag. You can create segments of subscribers that share the same tag by searching Tag > is > (whatever tag you used).

Search a tag

You can also create segments of inactive subscribers who haven't opened your messages in a while to try to re-engage them. You can create a segment from any of the search options available on the "Subscribers" page.

Different search options available

You can then send broadcasts directly to those segments. Broadcasts are one-time messages that you can send immediately to everyone subscribed to your list or you can schedule the broadcast to deliver at a specific date and time of your choosing. Broadcasts can help complement your campaign messages or you can use them for time-sensitive content. You can also add click and open automations to your broadcasts to apply tags when a subscriber clicks on a particular link or opens a message. This can help you further target your subscribers within one list based on their engagement.

What are the benefits of working from one list?

Maintaining your entire audience from one list can help deduplicate subscribers so there aren't individual subscribers on multiple lists. It can also help keep your account organized and manageable by eliminating the need for multiple lists. You will be able to know which subscribers have signed up for particular promotions and content and not have to search for the subscriber in all of your lists. Ultimately, utilizing these functions can help better automate your business.

If you have any questions about how you can accomplish a particular workflow in your list using tags, segments, broadcasts, and campaigns you are more than welcome to contact our customer solutions team.

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